Teenage Health

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  • Publish Date: 2017-10-25
  • Covering Ages: 14 to 18 years
  • Volume No.: 324
  • Editor: Cara Acred
  • Replaces Issue: Vol. 252 Adolescent Health 978 1 86168 658 9

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Product Description

Teenage health encompasses a wide range of ailments, both physical and emotional. This book explores mental health issues such as depression and anxiety – both of which can be influenced by exam stress, among other things – alongside ‘risky behaviours’ such as smoking and drinking. It also looks at illnesses such as diabetes and meningitis, as well as sexual health.

The information inside comes from a variety of sources, including newspapers, magazines, government reports and charity groups; providing different perspectives on challenging topics. At the end of the book is a selection of activities that will encourage interaction, literacy, critical thinking and independent research. Content is accessible and engaging, tailored primarily towards the 14 to 18 age group.

Note: a new publication on this topic is due out in Autumn 2021

Technical Specification

Product Name Teenage Health
Model Number 978 1 86168 774 6
Department Health and Wellbeing
Feature Publish Date: 2017-10-25
Feature Covering Ages: 14 to 18 years
Feature Volume No.: 324
Feature Editor: Cara Acred
Feature Replaces Issue: Vol. 252 Adolescent Health 978 1 86168 658 9

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