The Censorship Debate

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  • Publish Date: 2019-02-01
  • Covering Ages: 14 to 18 years
  • Volume No.: 347
  • Editor: Tracy Biram
  • Replaces Issue: Vol 274 Censorship

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All of us are affected by censorship every day, from what we watch on the TV, to what we read in the news. But just how much are we actually affected? The UK is now one of the worst places in Europe for press freedom, due to restrictions placed on journalists. Freedom of expression is a fundamental part of our society, but this is not the case in all countries. This book discusses censorship and its forms around the world.


Technical Specification

Product Name The Censorship Debate
Model Number 9781861688033
Department Media
Feature Publish Date: 2019-02-01
Feature Covering Ages: 14 to 18 years
Feature Volume No.: 347
Feature Editor: Tracy Biram
Feature Replaces Issue: Vol 274 Censorship

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